November 6, 2014 Practice Schedule

Practice 11/06/14

  • Run
  • Calisthenics / Conditioning

Jumping Jacks Bridge Bear Crawls                     V-Ups

Pushups Hurdler Stretch Summersault 

Sit-ups Butterfly Stretch Shuffle

Lunges Running In Place Karaoke

Leg Lifts Sprawl Treadmills

  • Partners  (Spin Drill)
  • Double Leg Drill
  • Stand Up Drill
  • Short Sit Out Drill
  • Long Sit Out Drill
  • Split Into Groups (Breakdowns/Review  basics of weight distribution and positioning)                                                                                                                          Arm Chop                       Basic Ankle Drive

    Ankle Crossface                                           Ankle/knee

                    Spiral Ride                                                             3/4 Nelson (Counter)

    Coaches favorite breakdowns                                                                                    
  • Half circle Spill on chain wrestling, attitude, self confidence.  Wrestle Hard no matter who you wrestling!
  • Game
  • End of practice chant
  • Good Luck this weekend!!



Hand Out Pin and take picture of Jaron

Hershey Bar