Pepe Gallego founder of the Glendale Mat Club.

The Glendale Mat Club was started in the early 80's by Pepe' Gallego.  He had been taking his kids and nephews to a wrestling club at North Valley High school when he realized he was capable of running a similar program in Glendale.  This was the beginning of the Glendale Mat Club.  It continued under Pepe's supervision up until the late 80's when his youngest son, John graduated from High School.  Since then several different people have been running the program.

During the 80's several State Champions were created and many state placers.  This USA Wrestling program was a very integral part of Glendale High School's success in the 80's.  Several of the state champions in the 90's were part of the program as well.  Over the years our wrestlers have participated in State, Regional, National and World competitions.

 The above photo is of the first Glendale Mat Club members.  Bottom left to right: Dave Remsh, Josh Forrester, John Gallego, Mike Gallego, Lenny Smith.  Back left to right: Coach Pepe Gallego, Joe Gallego, Randy Gallego, and Jason Forrester.  Not pictured was Dereck Barnes.

 9 of the above wrestlers finished in the top 3 at the state level within their time at Glendale.  Including 3 State Champions. 

This is a photo taken of the Glendale Mat Club in Meridian, California.  This was the 1984 Freestyle Regional Wrestling Tournament.

From left to right Back Row:  Lenny Smith, Jason Forrester, Joe Gallego, Mike Gallego, Front Row:  Dave Remsh, Josh Forrester, John Gallego, Brandon Rainwater. 

Glendale High School State Champions 

1984                     Joe Gallego                               106 lbs.

1985                     Joe Gallego                               119 lbs.

1986                     John Gallego                             106 lbs.

1987                     Dave Remsh                              130 lbs.

1988                     Josh Forrester                             130 lbs.

1989                     Josh Forrester                             135 lbs.       (Transferred to Riddle High School because of a budget cut that cut wrestling at Glendale)

1989                     Mike Gallego                             145 lbs.        (Transferred to Riddle High School because of a budget cut that cut wrestling at Glendale)

1990                     Josh Forrester                             148 lbs.        (Transferred to Riddle High School because of a budget cut that cut wrestling at Glendale)

1992                     Paul Pappas                                157 lbs.                    

1992                     Nick Cline                                  130 lbs.

1992                     Brandon Kirkland                       285 lbs.

1993                     Nick Cline                                  141 lbs.

1994                     Kevin Elst                                   275 lbs.

2008                     Luke Brenden                             145 lbs.

2009                     Jacob Whittaker                          103 lbs.

2009                     Dillon Arnpriester                       145 lbs.

2010                     Dillon Arnpriester                       160 lbs.

 Program from 1986

This was the South Douglas County all-star team assembled to wrestle the Japanese Junior National Team that toured around Oregon.  Glendale had five of the twelve wrestlers as well as the Coaches for the match.  

Joe Gallego graduated in 1986 with an impressive 2 State Championships as well as two second place finish in High School.  He was in the Cultural Exchange program in 1984 to Germany and was a part of the Junior Olympic Team the same year.  

John Gallego graduated in 1988 with only a single high school State Championship in 1986.  He busted his finger during his Junior season in football and had on ongoing battle with staff infection that prevented him from wrestling his Junior year.  After having sit out for a season he came back his Senior year and placed second at state.  He was apart of the Cultural Exchange program to Egypt in 1986 as well.

Mike Gallego graduated at Riddle High School in 1989 as a State Champion.  He transfered there because of budget issues at Glendale that cut our sports programs.  He also finished 2nd for Glendale in 1988 and 3rd in 1987.

Josh Forrester graduated at Riddle High School in 1990 also a transfer from Glendale because of the budget cuts of 1989.  Josh was a three time State Champion!  Once for Glendale and twice for Riddle.  He along with Mike contributed to Riddles 1989 and 1990 State Championship Team Title.

Nick Cline graduated at Glendale High School in 1993 as a 2 time State Champion.  Nick went on to wrestle at SOSU and became a 3-Time All-American.