November 5, 2014 Practice Schedule

Practice 11/05/14

  • Run
  • Calisthenics / Conditioning

Jumping Jacks Bridge Bear Crawls                     V-Ups

Pushups Hurdler Stretch Summersault 

Sit-ups Butterfly Stretch Shuffle

Lunges Running In Place Karaoke

Leg Lifts Sprawl Treadmills

  • Partners  (Spin Drill)
  • Double Leg Drill
  • Stand Up Drill
  • Short Sit Out Drill
  • Long Sit Out Drill
  • Split Into Groups (Sit Outs/Chain Wrestling)                                                                                                                          Long Sit Out                       Short Sit Out

    to Switch                                                   to Stand Up

                    to Roll                                                                   to Bolo

    Arm over                                                                                    
  • Live Wrestling
  • Game
  • End of practice chant


Meeting after practice Tonight

No Practice Next Wednesday, November 12th (Sports Banquet)

Hand Out Pins