October 30, 2014 Practice Schedule

Practice 10/30/14

  • Run
  • Calisthenics / Conditioning

Jumping Jacks Bridge Bear Crawls                V-Ups

Pushups Hurdler Stretch Summersault                

Sit-ups Butterfly Stretch Shuffle

Lunges Running In Place Karaoke

Leg Lifts Sprawl Treadmills

  • Partners  (Spin Drill)
  • Double Leg Drill
  • Sit Out Drills
  • Switch Drills
  • Stand Up Drills
  • Ironman (Takedowns)
  • Ironman (Down Position)
  • Run
  • Discuss Tourney conduct (Good Sportsmanship)
  • End of practice chant


Take any questions about tournament.

Make sure everyone knows time and place they need to be at tourney.

Hand out all allowances that are needed/requested for Tourney.