October 21, 2014 Practice Schedule

Practice 10/21/14

  • Run
  • Calisthenics / Conditioning (make sure they have enough Spacing)

Jumping Jacks Bridge Bear Crawls

Pushups Hurdler Stretch Summersault 

Sit-ups Butterfly Stretch Shuffle

Lunges Running In Place Karaoke

Leg Lifts Sprawl Treadmills

  • Partners  (Spin Drill)
  • Make sure everyone remembers #’s
  • Basic General Wrestling Techniques:  Stance, (2 big rules:  control hips/Head Up)
  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Sprawl
  • Sumo Game
  • Wrestling Tag
  • Run
  • End of practice chant


Handbook not all the way updated on site but will be soon

Updated Website Double check kids names etc.

Sponsors Explanation and deadlines

Personal Accounts and balances

Renee Team Mom backup is Angela Neiss

Team mom is person you will go to ask questions.

She will come and inform parents of fundraisers, meetings, change in scheduling etc.

We will have meeting next week about our Bend/Classics trip.


Give Dusty Inventory and List

Get Coaches most important Definitions

Will be gone next week.  Will have an outline for practices before Friday