November 3, 2014 Practice Schedule

Practice 11/03/14

  • Run
  • Calisthenics / Conditioning

Jumping Jacks Bridge Bear Crawls                     V-Ups

Pushups Hurdler Stretch Summersault 

Sit-ups Butterfly Stretch Shuffle

Lunges Running In Place Karaoke

Leg Lifts Sprawl Treadmills

  • Partners  (Spin Drill)
  • Double Leg Drill
  • Group Meeting  (Talk about last week and Tournament)                                                                                                                          Parent and coaches Criticism                                 Put Out Full Effort (Win/Loss not what I'm concerned with)

    Head & Arm concerns                                     Sportsman Like conduct (edge of mat behavior)

                    Support your team members                                  Exhibition Matches

    Our Coaches/Our Kids                              Conditioning                                                                                                                

    Good Job/Not much Preparation                            



  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Crawl up body                                                                                                                               
  • Half Nelson/Reverse Half
  • Live Wrestling
  • Game
  • End of practice chant


Meeting after practice on Wednesday


Meeting after practice on Wednesday